The Museum’s activities are dedicated to scientific research on anthropological and ethnographic specimens with the purpose of improving their conservation and enhancement.

To this purpose the Museum has collaborated for many years with national and international research groups which operate in the medical diagnosis sector and cultural heritage.

The main collaborations are with:

  • The Egyptian Museum of Turin
  • il National Museums Liverpool (GB)
  • EURAC Research of Bolzano
  • The Institute of Diagnostic Radiology and Interventions – Molinetti Hospital (Turin University)
  • The UMR 7268 – ADES Anthropologie Bioculturelle Droit Ethique et Santé Aix-Marseille (Université – EFS – CNRS Faculté de Médecine Secteur Nord.


(In the photo – computerized Tomography (TC) of the Precolombian idol from the Taino, the Zemi)